Gravel Frame

  • GR058-Gravel SL
  • GR058-Gravel SL
  • GR058-Gravel SL
  • GR058-Gravel SL
  • GR058-Gravel SL
GR058-Gravel SLGR058-Gravel SLGR058-Gravel SLGR058-Gravel SLGR058-Gravel SL

GR058-Gravel SL

  • Bottom Bracket: BB86
  • Size: 49 52 54 56 59cm
  • Max Tyre:700*45C
  • TA: 100*12-142*12mm
  • Product description: GR058 is a new product in 2022, the design inspiration comes from the world's mountain running expert antelope, with smooth lines, suitable for 700*47C tires, all hidden indoor lines, providing size 4

Item GR058 Gravel
Frame size 49/52/54/56/59cm
Handlebar size 500/520/540mm (Stem: 90/100/110/120)
Spacer 5mm/10mm/20mm
Seatpost Special D-Shape 400mm
BB BB86 Full carbon
Max Tire 700*47C
Warranty 2 years
Laden Weight 110KG

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